Ulti-MATE Garage Cabinet Set Rendering

Ulti-MATE Garage is a boutique brand underneath the flag of BH North America. They sell cabinets and sets of cabinets for Garage installations. For this project, I was tasked with creating a set of cabinets to sell on the company website. We had a limited budget, so I decided to go with a completely visual mock up, instead of building, and setting up each set and shooting it.

  • I first started¬†by shooting each cabinet individually.
  • To create perspective, I added siding to the two tall cabinets on the inside as well as the two small cabinets.
  • I then rendered the wood block completely inside photoshop.
  • Once I had finished building the set, I started on the environment. The wall texture and floor texture were booth found online and then simply integrated into the perspective of the cabinets.
  • I did this process for both the closed shot and the open shots of the product photography.