Sunshine Endurance Training | Logo Branding

Idea’s Provided

Alison Sunshine Chavez and Andy Noise are professional ultra-runners! They are constantly on the go and wanted a new logo for their training company. They decided to name it after Alison’s Middle name, Sunshine, and wanted something light and fun!

Alison provided some concepts she found online. It was a great starting point. From here I was able to get the jist of what she was looking for. She also mentioned she wanted to make these into hats! With that in mind, I went ahead a created the below concepts which were quickly approved.

Final Draft | Three Different Color Logos

The logo itself is bold. I wanted to balance the text “SUNSHINE” with the mountains and sun, and I achieved this by color and chiaroscuro. I am often reminded of old produce logos I would see on the side of trucks. Which in retrospect is where I took inspiration from, as I wanted this to be highly visible on the “trucker” hats that they were going to make.