BH/Bladez Video Production

At BH North America, under the two main brands of BH Fitness and Bladez Fitness, I was asked to create product videos to help our sales team. First off, let me say I don’t have video production experience, except for the course in college that went over cameras and Adobe Premiere – which at the time of these videos had been seven years prior.

I told them yes, let’s do it. So with much research and with the help of some friends in the video production field, I created the following videos with a DSLR Camera and a lot of Adobe Premier Editing.

Echelon GS

The was the very first video for a Bladez product produce by me, this was after having done several BH fitness videos, so it is more refined then most of the stuff we produced and is one of my favorites!


The ST5i is a lower price point treadmill, but we still wanted to glossy it up a bit, the techniques we used were simple with amazing results!


This was to be the flagship video that our sales team would use to push out our newest product, which at the time was called i.Concept. It allowed you to connect your smartphone to your treadmill. Watch and check out the features!

Set Building

At BH North America, we had a couple of faux walls left over from product photography from our furniture brand. We re-purposed these to create a 2×1 set, we purchased flooring from our furniture brand as well, to create a white space in which to capture our video.

  • I repainted the walls
  • Purchased white flooring
  • Covered up the seem between two of the walls
  • Built lighting and rigging for the set
  • Purchased lighting for the set

Production Process

The Production of this was refined over time. Eventually we were producing 1 – 2 videos every month. Which doesn’t sound like much, but remember, it was only me creating these videos.

  • The first step of production was to define what the product manager wanted to call out for each product.This was usually based on the datasheet for each product, which was designed and created by yours truly.
  • Armed with that, we would set up a shot list. We would plan out exactly what need to be shot and define three angles to shoot from + a fourth, which was basically free form.
  • Once the preparation was complete, I booked the model, negotiated pricing and set a date.
  • On the day of the shoot we would line up the products and ready the set for shooting. We would shoot all day, managing to get in 1-4 products, guided by the shot list.
  • Then came editing and post production and the back and forth revisions with the product manager.