Product Photography

While at BH North America, I was tasked with product photography. We had a nice DSLR Camera and I went ahead a bought and build some lighting for our photo area. I did have experience with lighting inside a virtual environment from my 3D Animation days in school. I combined that with a lot of research and proceeded with the following:

  • In some cases, we would receive a sample product in house. I would then be asked to shoot and colorize the product in several different ways. At this point, I would help with the overall design of a product, including coming up with variation on sticker kits that would go on the actual product. 
  • I would sometimes be asked to alter a product: photoshop out this part or photoshop a part in, so that the factory in china could better understand what we were looking for. 
  • Once a final product was in house, we would shoot the product in several different angles. 
  • I would then proceed to cut out the product, then work my photoshop magic to get the clean looks you see below!

Progression of Shot, Clip, Edit