Smart Energy Water Logo

Let me first start by saying that this was a team effort! While working for Smart Energy Systems (formally Smart Utility Systems), I along with my team were tasked with creating a new logo for our brand. That brand would be entitled Smart Energy Water. We created nearly a hundred logo’s in our first phase of concepting. Here I will detail some of the logo’s I created.

As my duties as Senior Graphic Designer, I was given the reigns to take what we had come up with and create several logos for upper management to choose from, however we were not given much direction.

The logos below are from a collection of logos I put together. Most of these are based on my own original designs, but I would remise if I didn’t say again that this was a team project and I drew inspiration from my team.

The CEO loved our ideas but it wasn’t quite what he was looking for, so he suggested we try to blend one of our new concepts with one of our old ones, Below is that first attempt.

Final Draft | Responsive Logo

In the end, we worked out a responsive logo. One would be a primary stacked logo and the other would be a secondary, elongated horizontal logo.