SEW Branding | Data Sheets & Business Cards

After creating the new SEW logo, we wanted to go back and re-vamp all our marketing collateral. It was a huge process, but I wanted to make sure that we had a consistent brand image.  This meant updating everything from business cards to the website. Below is just a sample of what we updated as well as some marketing collateral we created for the CS Week 2017 trade show.

The Before | Sales Sheets

As you can see, we had very inconsistent branding. Most of the designs were powered from older designs and then never updated.

The After | Sales Sheets

The update Sales Sheets, are all consistent with one another but still different as to be recognizably unique, creating a cohesive image!

The Before | Business Cards

The Front (One-Sided)

The After | Business Cards

The Front

The Back

CS Week 2017 Trade Show Collateral

Show Floor Handout

Magazine Advertisement

Website Sign Up Form